“It’s a great place to laze around and swim and fish when you want

                                             And the best place in the world to do nothing. It is beautiful country …
                                                                       And nobody knows about it but us.”

                                                                               - Ernest Hemingway

From Traverse Bay to Long Lake to Lake St. Clair, the beauty of Michigan strikes awe into many of the most imaginative minds in history. From Duck Lake to Thornapple, Bear Lake to Lake Mitchell, each little lake represents home for us, and life by the lakes is something that can only be understood by those of us who have lived it. Old School Outdoorsmen looks to celebrate that unique lifestyle. 
                                           "see all that? Talk about the beauty of the Bay of Naples! I've seen
                                            them both, and no place is more beautiful than Little Traverse in its
                                                                                    autumn colors"

                                                                             -Ernest Hemingway 

Hunting in Michigan is a time-honored tradition that calls enthusiasts of all ages to head for the woods and waters for the chance to track whitetail deer, elk, bear, turkey, grouse, waterfowl and other wildlife. Fishing in Michigan also enjoys a long history dating back to the late 1800 and early 1900 when Ernest Hemingway spent his summers fishing the lakes and rivers around his family summer home in Northern Michigan on Walloon Lake. Being surrounded by all four Great Lakes and with 11,000 inland lakes and tens of thousands of miles of rivers and streams Michigan offers anglers some of the best freshwater fishing in the world.

Hunting, fishing, and wildlife are just as important to the identity of Michigan as the sand dunes, the vineyards, and the lakes themselves. In, 1928 the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) issued Hunting and Fishing License badges in an effort to help conserve the wildlife and the lifestyle that meant so much to the community. The licenses were issued with the understanding that the outdoorsmen would wear the badge while hunting or fishing to help the state conservation officers quickly identify licensed sportsmen. The state issued 25 different Hunting and Fishing badges for Resident and Non- Resident Outdoorsmen from 1928 to 1932; however, due to the cost and stocking issues at state licensing locations, Michigan stopped issuing the badges.

We at Old School Outdoorsmen understand just how central hunting and fishing are to the people of Michigan. We understand the pride this community takes in their state and their sport, and our merchandise is meant to celebrate just that: pride for Michigan and pride for the life of an outdoorsmen.

Examples of Badges issued by the Michigan DNR from 1928 to 1932; number of Badges sold as well as the cost of the Badge: 
1930 Resident Deer License/ 76,339 License’s sold for $2.50 a piece



1931 Resident Trout License Front, Back with Paper License/ 81,571 License’s sold for $1.00 a piece



1929 Resident Small Game License/ 340,801 License’s sold for $1.25 a piece


1930 Resident Small Game License/ 332,726 License’s sold for $1.25 a piece


1931 Resident Small Game License/ 244,860 License’s sold for $1.75 a piece

1930 Resident Trout License/ 87,950 License’s sold for $1.00 a piece

1928 Resident Small Game License/ 317,622 License’s sold for $1.25 a piece